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My name is Natalia

I've been in online marketing business for a while and I've created online courses and low priced digital products and have made multiple 6 figures in less than 2 years and I have to say that this business model is the MOST GENIUS WAY to start your own digital marketing business as a complete beginner!

I burned out at my 9-5 in 2020, driving 2 hours every day to my office and working long hours as a corporate counsel making only $5,800 a month, even though I had 2 law degrees from 2 different countries in 2 different languages! I was hugely overworked and underpaid and that's when I realized that there has to be more to life than working 40+ hours a week, busting my butt while being miserable at home and taking it out on my husband..

One Friday on my way to the office, while crying in the car, I decided: "That's enough!", I went straight to my boss's office and quit and that was the beginning of my journey with digital marketing..

Now I'm making $30K+ a month working less than 2 hours a day, thanks to digital marketing. I'm finally able to spend more time with my hubby, travel the world and stay at 5-star resorts, I paid off my $95K debt (including my student loan) and I can finally be free!

Remember that anything I did, starting from scratch, without having any business- or marketing experience, is POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO!

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